About me

I’ve been giving treatments since October 2011, and this website has been up and running since September 2013. And I’ve just realised that unlike most other websites for services like reiki, I don’t have anything up on the website about me. I mean, you can search the blog posts and get a pretty good idea of me, I think, but there’s not a short summary.

I’ve not noticed that I didn’t have a biography up here because a reiki treatment is about YOU, not about me. But I do understand that some potential clients will want to know a little bit about me before coming. I do understand that some people might be nervous coming to a stranger’s house, and also, I hope you’ll get to know me enough to know if you’ll feel comfortable and open for a treatment, or if, perhaps, you like another practitioner’s energy better.

So, to try to be brief: I’m Andy. I was born in Vancouver, Canada, and my background is Cantonese (Chinese), not Japanese, as some clients wonder. I also have my Australian citizenship, and have lived in Sydney now for well over a third of my life.

My brother introduced me to reiki; he’s been a teacher and practitioner for many years, but I really became more dedicated to it after meeting my teacher Frans Stiene. After doing many weekly practice sessions with him, and some courses, and moving into an apartment with a spare room that I could use for treatments, I decided to offer reiki treatments.

It’s not my full-time job; I also work as a freelance editor, mostly on policy reports. So, it’s a good balance for me to be able to give a treatment or two a day, as a break from my other activity, and reiki doesn’t feel like ‘work’ but as a service that I can offer, where I get to enjoy the healing quiet, and at the same time hopefully allow my clients to feel better.

If you have any questions, ask. Otherwise, I hope to see you sometime for a treatment!