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The ‘ki’ in Reiki is the same ‘chi’ or ‘qi’ that is found in the practices of ‘tai chi‘ and ‘qi gong‘. It refers to energy. The whole universe is made up of molecules but all vibrating at different frequencies, so to us, some appear solid, some liquid, and some air. We are all made of this energy too.

During a treatment, the reiki practioner helps facilitate a client’s own natural healing processes to help the body’s energy flow in a more positive and healthy way. This may feel like clearing away the stress and tensions of daily life, or addressing injuries or particular events. Or it may feel like healing energy is coming into the body or moving through it.

Getting the energy flowing better is done through healing with the hands lightly on or off the body, where the practitioner facilitates Ki to flow for healing purposes.

The Reiki Room in Surry Hills is a relaxing, comfortable and open space.
The Reiki Room in Surry Hills is a relaxing, comfortable and open space
During a treatment, a client remains fully clothed and lies on a massage table. The practitioner will place hands on or near different parts of the body, not touching any private parts of the body. Some people feel the Ki as heat or buzzing, some as cold waves. Others feel deeply relaxed and some even fall asleep. Some clients see colours or have different thoughts and visions. The range of sensations experienced varies from person to person and from treatment to treatment. At the end of the treatment, the client will be gently roused, offered tea or water, and asked how they are feeling. For some, the most important part is during the treatment, feeling relaxed or healed; for others, the effects of a treatment can last for days or up to a week.

Reasons for Reiki

Many people are drawn to Reiki and find it a powerful healing. Some reasons for having a reiki treatment include:

  • Relaxation and managing stress
  • Treating insomnia
  • Minor depression and emotional problems
  • Exploring energy and healing treatments
  • Moving further along a pathway of spiritual growth
  • Recurring health problems
  • Illness and injury
  • Positive events like an upcoming job interview, or negative ones like a bad situation at work or the home.

I’ve had clients come for a wide variety of reasons: after a car crash, wanting to become pregnant, going through a period of change or transformation, a bad boss, or just wanting to try out reiki to see what it’s like. I also have many clients who have experienced and enjoyed reiki treatments elsewhere and are looking for a great reiki practitioner in Sydney or Surry Hills.

The healing process, whether emotional, physical or mental, works in ways that can’t always be understood by the rational mind, nor conforming to our expectations and hopes. At the same time, some find that the improvement of the flow of energy through the body can bring feelings of peace or balance and even positive benefits for recent or recurring problems that lasts not just during the treatment but for many days afterwards. Reiki is not meant to replace but to complement conventional medicine and therapy.


A 50 minute treatment is $80, though getting you settled in and talking before and after the session will mean the full session will be over an hour. I prefer cash, but have now got one of those nifty “Square” devices which take credit and debit card payments. Some clients prefer to make a bank transfer on-the-spot through their phone. Others prefer to pay in advance by credit card through the Bookwell appointment service. If you’d like to pay in advance to a bank account, let me know.