What do I feel? (What do you feel?)

I am trying to teach my cat to give me reiki…


One of the common questions that I get after I give a reiki treatment to a client is: ‘What did you feel?’

The answer is that it’s different for every person, and it’s also different each time, even if it’s the same person.

I follow my intuition for where to place my hands (and sometimes it feels like more than intuition; my hands are really drawn to a position or a body part).

Often it feels warm, but there are so many variations of warm: a gentle heat, a light warmth, a more intense hot sensation. Sometimes I’ll feel a sensation that’s tingly and a little electric.

Other times I might feel something larger, not just in my hands, but a general feeling of peace or relaxation.

But what does it all mean?

While I can guess that where my hands are drawn to is where energy needs to flow to or be released, I don’t do any more analysis or interpreting than that. The body is mysterious. Who knows if a bit of energy at your knee is actually a way to help you feel more focused at work! Or if your broken heart will feel better not by having my hands near your physical heart but at your shoulders or the top of your head.

What’s really important is not how I feel but how you feel, both at the time of the treatment and as the effects unfold afterwards, the same day, that evening, the next day and into the next week. If you feel positive or energised, or if you feel that the treatment addressed the reason you came: that’s the important thing.


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