The price of a reiki treatment

The price of a reiki treatment at Reiki Surry Hills is going up from $75 to $80 for a 50-minute treatment.

From the start of my reiki practice in 2012 to September 2016, I charged $60 and then went up to $75 at that time. It’s been another two years now, and I hope that a small price increase will be manageable for my clients. In fact, many of you have commented how inexpensive my charges are compared to other places in Sydney, and one or two have suggested that I raise the price!

My costs have increased too, for the online booking service, for taking credit card payments, and for paying the Australian Taxation Office! So the price increase will help to cover those, and I’ll finally be able to stop hoarding five dollar notes to give out as change!

I just did some searching on the internet to see other rates. I can see it can be hard to compare, with the first person offering 45 minutes for $90, another 90 minutes for $150 and the next $140 for 60 minutes. Ouch, those are all pretty expensive. For mobile reiki (they come to you), it’s $100 for an hour (this seems a good rate, considering the convenience). Another place is $90 for an hour, and another place is $95. In Bondi, $100 an hour. Disturbingly, on a number of sites, it’s difficult to actually see how much the charge is!

The last time I checked a few years ago, I thought there was someone in Bondi at a similar price, but at the moment, it looks like I’ve not only got the best reviews in Sydney, but I’ll also the cheapest!
If you do want reiki but have troubles affording it, just let me know, and I offer a concession rate of $60 for students and those in a financial bind.

More payment news: I’m now taking credit card payments with a handy little “Square” device that hooks up to my phone. I still prefer to receive cash, but it’s an option for you (though some clients prefer to do on-the-spot bank transfers through their phones).

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Clients come from all over Sydney to see me, and I’ve also had clients who are visiting Sydney from Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast come and see me while they’re here for business, conferences or meeting families. While it’s easiest to get to me from the CBD, Darlinghurst, Paddington, Kings Cross, Redfern and Potts Point, I’m pretty easy to get to from anywhere in Sydney.
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