How often should I get reiki?


I think the question above is the most common question that I get after giving a treatment. Well, at least if they had a good experience, which seems to be most of the time!

The answer is pretty simple at heart, though I suppose it could seem more complicated.

There is one very prominent reiki teacher who advised all of his students to tell clients that if they really want to address an issue, they should have a minimum of three reiki treatments (in about three weeks). I’ve seen this repeated on many reiki websites.

But unfortunately, I suspect that this was as much about marketing and convincing clients to return than it was about actually finding out from each client what’s best for them.

While it does make sense, logically, to try to address an issue by coming regularly, and it also makes sense to try reiki more than once to see how it works, my advice is different:

After your treatment, pay attention to how you felt afterwards, and that night, and the next day. And if you can, continue to try to notice what changes – energetically, emotionally, physically, spiritually – might have taken place. Even I’ve been surprised these last few months to hear from so many clients where the effects of one treatment have lasted for a few days, or a full week or longer.

Then there’s the question of why you came for the treatment, and if the treatment had a good effect. If it’s a long-term issue, then perhaps regular reiki is a good way to heal. If you came in to be more relaxed and centred before a job interview, then unless you have another job interview right away, perhaps your intention can be met in one treatment.


So, really, the easy answer to the question of how often to come for reiki treatments is: whatever suits you best.

Some clients come every two weeks. Some come on a day off from work, once a month. I see a few clients occasionally, just once and then perhaps 8 months later. I have a few clients who are wanting to really address some issues, and have been coming weekly, and another client comes weekly because she feels it really helps her on a weekly basis to feel more centred and balanced. I’ve had many clients that I’ve only given one treatment to.

The only however that I have is that I have heard back from clients who know that a reiki treatment was beneficial to them but then get caught up in their busy lives or stress and anxiety, and don’t make the time to come in for a treatment. So, do come for treatments when it suits you, but if you know that it helps you, especially at times when you’re feeling low energy, anxious, sad or not quite in balance, do try to make the time. You’re worth it!

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