Bookings, contact and location

Treatments are by appointment only. If you drop by without warning, I probably won’t be able to give you a treatment. It’s better to get in touch with me beforehand!

Treatments are $85 when booking through Bookwell and/or paying with a credit card or bank transfer. I understand that $85 is less than most other practitioners charge.

If you pay in cash and book with me directly, I can offer a rate of $80.

If you’re a student or concession, and book directly with me through text or email rather than through Bookwell, I can offer a special rate of $60.

You can book an appointment a few ways:

You can book an appointment or send an enquiry by email. Click here.

Or you can text or call me at 0412 009895.

You can click the blue button here which allows you to book immediately online through Bookwell allows you to see the times I’m available and also allows you to pay in advance for the treatment, if that’s convenient for you.

If you can’t book an appointment for the day you want through Bookwell, it probably means that I’m fully booked.

If you can’t find the time you want, if you want to request the student or concession rate of $80, or if you are two people and are trying to book one appointment immediately after the other, email, text or call me, so I can see if I can accommodate you.

To get to me, the Reiki Room is located centrally in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, in Surry Hills, near the intersections of Albion and Riley Streets. It’s a short walk from Central Station, and also not far from Taylor Square on Oxford Street.

It’s located in a private apartment building, so there’s no shopfront, and there’s also nowhere inside for others to comfortably wait; I suggest a nice walk in Surry Hills or coffee nearby if a friend or family member has brought you to the treatment. There are also two flights of stairs, so if you have mobility issues, let’s talk about it before you come.

While the building’s address is 54 Ann Street, the actual entrance is around the back of the building. It’s just south of Little Riley Street on the west side of Mackey Street (it’s a big grey concrete apartment block). Using Google Maps or another map program (you can also use the map here), the entrance to the building is ACROSS the street from 36 Mackey Street, next to the mailboxes. It’s apartment 10.

Lots of people get lost. I’ll send you a text message with detailed instructions before the treatment, but using the instructions above and a map program is the easiest way to find me. You can also just call if you need more directions.

This the entrance to my apartment building.

Don’t go to the part of Mackey Street between Riley Street and Reservoir Lane, or the part of Ann Street on the other side of Riley towards Crown. I’m down the hill from there, on the OTHER side of Riley.

If you’re driving, I suggest going up Mackey Street from Smith Street, and look to park somewhere near the top of the street. Parking is now metered all over the neighbourhood. It’s $4.70 an hour for business hours, Mon-Fri, and $2.70 off-peak and Saturdays. It’s free on Sundays and public holidays. To get in and get settled, have the 50 minute treatment and a chat, it will take more than an hour. I’d suggest paying for 70 minutes just to be safe.

To contact me, you can drop me a line here.  I look forward to seeing you.


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