Welcome to Reiki Surry Hills

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a spiritual practice, originating from Japan, that includes hands-on energy healing. Discover reiki for yourself, if you haven’t done so already, at my reiki room in Surry Hills in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, close to both Central Station and Oxford Street, in a safe, gentle and beautiful space.

People get reiki treatments for all sorts of reasons: from wanting to feel more relaxed to relief from anxiety and stress, as well as healing physical or emotional issues. Some clients come because they are exploring a spiritual pathway and want to feel more focused and centred. Others might have experienced something traumatic – an illness, a bad period at work, a relationship breakup – and need some support to get back on track. Some just want to try it out, and others feel good already, but want to feel better!

You can learn more about reiki and some reiki history on this website and find reviews from clients who report finding their treatments great. In fact, I’ve got some of the best reviews online for a reiki practitioner in Sydney. Since October 2011, I’ve given nearly 2,000 treatments. You can make an appointment or ask questions by getting in touch with me here or just book through the Bookwell service with this blue button:




Reiki Surry Hills is now closed because of Sydney’s COVID-19 lockdown. Reiki is not considered an essential medical service. So, do get in touch again once we are out of lockdown, but I’m not taking bookings now. When I am open again, please read here about COVID-19 safety if you’re planning on coming for a treatment.